English Poetry - A Hard, Hard Love

A Hard, Hard Love
By : Dyah Purbo Arum Larasati

Sumber gambar: shobehikaru.deviantart.com
Um, my stories’ like a hard, hard love
That’s un–smoothly for pecking by dove
Um, my voice depth like won’t hove
For the old sense should have wove

As long as you can see
I decide to sell it at the sea
Throw it away as dime score
Then cry it again in time of snore

Till the right time tell me, luve
That you just came for a while
I won’t take it more, luve
It’s enough for thousand mile

Lemme count freedom days, luve
To plant new seed and take old grist
Before you pounce it on other ways, luve
Bought me white gown and make a twist

Pekanbaru, 1st June 2017

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