tall, skinny, beautiful - Oleh : Mona Yonatha Anatasha

tall, skinny, beautiful 
Oleh : Mona Yonatha Anatasha

tall, skinny, beautiful                            tall, wealthy, handsome
walking on the stage                             had a great smile
like she had everything                         always held the camera
have many face in pictures                   had a good talent
smiling or styling on camera                 had an arts in his hand
without we knew,                                  without we knew,
shes crying inside,                             he had broken inside,
suffering all the time                             desperated all the time

now shes gone                                               now hes lonely
left the world without happiness           no more joy in his life
left her love in the gun she held                        just like walking dead man
no more smile in her face                      living in the tiresome days
she ended her continual bout                waiting his turn to leave
with new affliction                                to the empty place

                                                               to meet his dope love


Mona Yonatha Anatasha, mahasiswi di Universitas Pendidikan Indonesia jurusan Pendidikan Sosiologi. Lahir di Bandung, 29 Mei 1996. Karya yang pernah terbit adalah sebuah novel fantasi remaja berjudul, Fantasteen: Final Destiny yang terbit pada tahun 2013.

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